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Breast-feeding classes (3 hours)

Weaning (3 hours)

Prevention of common
childhood illness from becoming serious illnesses (3 hours)

The sessions comprise of discussions and practical sessions using dolls, breast models, cups, common foods, mother-baby clinic card Coffee & Snacks will provided.

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We have 1-day seminars aimed at upgrading child care skills for moms and enable them to become superstar moms.

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Get to sponsor a 1-day seminar aimed at upgrading the skills for child care for moms and enable them to become superstar moms.

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Learn how to make breastfeeding enjoyable. Breastfeeding is a natural process and any mom can breastfeed. However, not every mother who breastfeeds enjoys this noble task. The correct breastfeeding technique need to be learned. Poor breastfeeding technique is a common cause of cracked nipples, stressed mom and insufficient milk resulting to slow growth of the baby. Come learn with expert lactation consultants. This is a 3hour session comprising of interactive discussion sessions and hands-on practical sessions using baby-size dolls and breast models.

Learn the simple secrets to enable you to have memorable breastfeeding experiences and exclusively breastfeed your baby for six months. Get to know to recognize if the exclusively breastfeed baby is growing well (or not). Learn the simple secrets on how to express and store breast-milk for months.

learn how to use the stored breast milk without losing its benefits. This important knowledge for all working mom so that they can exclusively breastfeed for 6 months even if they have to resume work earlier.

Learn the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life. Breast milk is the best option for your baby. No other preventive intervention is more cost effective in reducing childhood deaths than exclusive breastfeeding. It improves the child´s intelligence and strengthens the bonding between the mom and the child (even in adult life). To the moms, it reduces the risk of breast cancer and cancer of the ovary.

To optimize the benefits of this breastfeeding skills upgrade, attend the training before delivery. Your experiences in the first day of delivery determines your success in the rest of the breastfeeding period.

In this course we focus on the nutrition in the first 2 years of child´s life ´critical window´. Poor breastfeeding and weaning practices coupled with high rates of infectious disease are the major causes of malnutrition in the first two years of life. A malnourished child may be thin, short (stunted) or may lack essentials mineral to support brain development and blood formation among others. Poor nutrition in early years often means irreversible damage to bodies and minds during the time when their bodies are developing rapidly.

Exclusive breastfeeding is covered on Module one. We focus of feeding child aged 6-23months. Ensuring a child receives adequate nutrition during this period can yield dividends for a lifetime,

  1. Perform better in school - a desire for all parents!
  2. More effectively fight diseases- saves a lot of time and money for hospital visits.
  3. Productive future an adult - a desire for all!

Any mother can wean a child (introduce complementary feeds), it is a natural process. The right methods to wean a baby to achieve brain and physical development and able to resist infections need to be learned. Rising income or high education does not necessarily translate to better nutrition, families need to make specific efforts geared towards better nutrition

Come learn with experts of child&Acute;s nutrition. This 3hr session is interactive and practical aimed to enable moms to:
  1. To understand the appropriate time to wean the baby - timing, amount and frequency of feeding and understanding the most appropriate method of feeding a child
  2. Understand the quality of foods. How to mix different foods to increase their value and benefits to the growing child.
  3. Recognize if a child is growing (or not) well.

To optimize the benefits of this weaning skills upgrading, attend the training before your baby your baby is six months old. If you have not taken the breastfeeding module attend the training at the earliest chance. Remember that poor nutrition in early life often means irreversible damage to bodies and minds. Together we can prevent this.

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